All About Symi

Gastronomy of Symi

Symi island has many delightful local dishes and specialties that will have every guest satisfied. The mouthwatering delights are a result of traditions of many years and local ingredients.

Whether is a main course or a dessert Symi island offers both in vast flavours along with majestic views of the island, making a lunch or a dinner a unique experience.

The famous Symi prawns, small shrimps living in the sea of the island, are undoubtedly the renowned specialty in the kitchen of Symi. However, do not ignore the other local dishes, especially fish dishes and seafood served in the island’s taverns. Do not forget to try a very different specialty, a pate stuffed with small fish known as gaelopita or atherinopita. As for sweets, especially the Akoumia by Symi are reminiscent of the donuts.

Also famous are the rings and the rusks of the island. The island is full of taverns and restaurants serving mainly fresh fish, but you can also find local dishes such as chickpeas with mushrooms and dill and lachanondolmades (like stuffed vine leaves but with white cabbage), and what stands out are the fish balls. Fish dishes may be the first choice on the island, but if you find local casserole goat, it’s worth a try.