All About Symi

All About Symi Island

Symi island is a small island in Dodecanese, Greece. Although small, Symi has a lot to offer that will leave its guests in awe.

The colorful houses and buildings of Symi is a sight that few places offer in the world. Get your camera ready when you’re getting close to the island for some amazing shots.

Beaches in Symi have crystal clear waters and welcome their guests in the refresh Aegean waters.

There are several museums you can visit and learn more about the rich history of the island. You will find many unique history pieces in them and are definitely worth the visit.

As all Greek islands, Symi offers many local things to do. Partake in a local event today. Music festival and saint celebrations are must see in Symi. The tradition is on full on display.

Our guide with things to do in Symi will keep you updated and help you make your plans before visiting the island.

Visiting Symi is very easy with daily cruises and traveling is possible throughout the year.

Endless alternatives for unforgettable holidays…


Symi is a colorful, elegant lady who waits day and night for her guests to discover and enjoy their many beauties.

Nimporio Beach Symi


Symi has beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, almost all of which have pebbles and little or no sand. Most can only be reached by boat, the famous taxi boats.


Undoubtedly, the number one plate of Symi’s cuisine is the well-known Symi Shrimp, together with fresh fish and other seafood. For meat lovers, Symi Lamb or Goat is a tasteful choice.

Like a real painting with the colorful mansions

Symi maintained the neoclassical character of its architecture because it was relatively early -1971- proclaimed a historic settlement listed as a National Monument

Discovering all the beauties of Symi

The famous visitors of Symi

Every summer numerous yachts in the harbor of Symi are a witness that actors, politicians, ship owners or models, prefer an authentic holiday experience.


Access via Rhodes is very comfortable, during a day trip by Sea Dreams


In Symi you will find small facilities and, first and foremost, rooms and houses that you can rent, all adapted to the local flair without being different from the other buildings.