All About Symi


How to get to Symi

There are few ways to reach Symi by boat, either from the longer distance from Piraeus or by an easy daily trip from Rhodes. Τhere is a ferry from Piraeus to reach the island twice a week with Blue Star Ferries.

Although some visitors wish to stay overnight in Symi, most guests prefer a day trip excursion when visiting Rhodes, which is enough to have a good look of the island and its beauty.

Of course, the access via Rhodes is effortless and can be within a day tour of Sea Dreams with the speedboat “King Saron,” for all who first want to visit the famous Monastery Panormitis to have enough time afterward in the main town of Symi.

By choosing Sea Dreams tours and cruises you may also get to see Panormitis which is a highlight and a must see when visiting Symi. (Sea Dreams)

If you are interested in seeing the capital of the island first, take the ship “Symi 2” and visit the monastery Panormitis in the afternoon.

Local Transportation in Symi

The transportation from the main town to the beaches is, as already mentioned, with taxi boats starting from the port of Yialos. For those who want to travel by car, there is a regular mini-bus that makes the route Yialos-Chorio-Pedi and Yialos-Panormitis. 


  • Bus Lakis +30 6945 316 248

  • Bus Panormitis +30 22460 71311

On the island, there are also several taxis for the residents and the visitors.