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What to do in Symi – Island Guide

All you need to know about Symi island and what to do in Symi in a practical online guide!

Symi island is a beautiful destination and it’s a must see when visiting Rhodes island and daily cruise is very easy.

Prior to your arrival in Symi, search our detailed guide below with Symi activities, the best sightseeing views to see, local events and things to do in Symi.

Explore the crystal clear beaches of Symi, the majestic views from the mountains and the traditional churches along with the great hospitality of the locals.

Things to do in Symi Island

For a day trip or for a longer stay there are several things to see and things to do in Symi. Its small size is only conquered by its natural beauty and the unique traditional beauty built by the few local people.

The view of Symi, when the ship approaches the harbour, enchants us from the first moment, the blue sea and the blue sky all around and on the cliffs, a neoclassical town with colourful houses.

The gastronomy of Symi with its many unique flavours and dishes such as the small shrimps of the island will leave you in awe.

Learn about the local events of Symi and the many celebrations of the island happening around the year and become a local!

If you need to stay in Symi we have you covered with a detailed list of hotels in Symi.

Find more about the history and architecture of the island and much more from below list.