All About Symi

Things to do in Symi

Despite the small size of the island there are several local things to do in Symi that will provide the true traditional spirit of the island and leave the visitors in awe.

Symi island has a great history and visitors can visit the local museums or participate in one of the local events happening during the summer. Become a local in Symi today!

Below you will find information on what cultural event to follow in Symi, the dates and where everything is taking place.

One of the best things to do in Symi is visiting one of its many museums.

Let’s start with the museum options on the island.

The Archeology and Folklore Museum is located in Chorio. It has an archaeological, a Byzantine and folklore collection. The archaeological include Hellenistic and Roman sculptures, heads of statues, tombstones, clay masks of the 5th century BC, inscriptions, coins, and ceramics.

The Byzantine collection consists of early Christian capitals, pictures, coat of arms of the 15th century, crosses, Byzantine music manuscripts, panels from the 13th century. Jh., And coins.

Finally, the folklore collection includes wood carving, costumes, textiles, everyday tools, furniture, musical instruments, sewing machines, weapons, navigation items and a figurehead.

In the Chatziagapitou Sala, which is located near the Archaeological Museum, you can admire the rooms of the house, kept by the renowned merchant.

In the Naval Museum, which is located in the Yialos, are exhibited ship miniatures, carved sailboats, works of the craftsman Antonis Polias, old maps and compasses. You can also see seafaring instruments and tools, a diving suit and everything that belongs to traditional sponge diving.

Cultural Events in Symi

One of the most important things to do in Symi and every Greek island is to explore its local events and become a part of them.

Every summer, the Symi Festival is one of the most important artistic events in the country. It started in 1995 and is organized in July, August and September. It offers thousands of Greek and foreign visitors the opportunity to follow their events without paying for a ticket. There are significant artists from Greece and abroad participating.

The festival includes concerts of traditional, modern and classical music, theater, cinema, painting exhibitions, poetry and literature evenings. As part of the festival, a total of 51 events were organized in 2017.Throughout the year, the island organizes book exhibitions, dances with traditional island music, sports, and cultural events.

Saint’s festivals calendar

Along with the music and culture festivals in Symi, there are many saint festivals which are also a must thing to do in Symi. The saint festivities are glorious and great unique celebrations that every visitor needs to be a part of when visiting the island.

The church festivals are celebrated with traditional fe asts, drinking, and dancing.

Holy Trinity in Chorio on 24 may

Agios Ioannis Stafilas on June 24 th

Agios Panteleimonas on the 27 th of July

Virgin Mary on August 23 in Nimos. The assumption on 14-15 August in the churches of Panagia Myrtariotissa and the Panagia Alithini (b etween Pedi and Gialos). The two great festivals of the Archangel Michael are the most important. On the Archangel Michael’s holiday on the 8th of November and Pentecost, many pilgrims from all the Dodecanese islands and Greece gather. The monastery offers the pilgrims fried fish with potato salad, wine, grapes, and figs.